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Where the flavours and colours of the food match the brightness of the destination, Evelyn’s eastern Mediterranean meets coastal cuisine shares flavour-rich dishes influenced by locality, seasonality, and culture. 

Focusing on the Levant region, flavours and spices such as pomegranate, sumac, saffron, za’atar, dukkah, turmeric and olive oil are represented throughout the dishes. Menu items are designed with sharing in mind, reflecting the eastern Mediterranean lifestyle, where socializing with friends and family around the table is a daily tradition. Small and large plates are meant to create connections, bringing people closer together for food exploration and conversation. Here, enjoy sharing spreads and mezzes, coastal seafood selections and salads, as well as wood-smoked meats, fish, and vegetables, and freshly made and leavened bread.

Brandon Salomon

“Evelyn’s menu is about discovery."

At the helm of Evelyn’s is Restaurant Chef Brandon Salomon. A native of Long Island, New York, he was born into a family of cooks. He has always been around food, eager to assist his mother and grandmother in the kitchen, which often felt like a dreamy Sunday morning with the unforgettable aromas of their famous tomato sauce filling the air and embracing their European heritage. Falling in love with cooking at a young age, he began working at his grandparents’ bakery at the age of 12, a journey that would later lead to working at acclaimed restaurants and hotels in New York, Florida, and San Francisco. Now in Fort Lauderdale, Chef brings the flavours of the eastern Mediterranean to one of the world’s top yachting destinations.

Matthew Dress

Lead Mixologist Matthew Dress has put a lot of thought and research into original cocktails for Evelyn’s, focused on flavours of the Levant region – Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Isreal, Palestine, and parts of Turkey. Imagine a Daiquiri dashed with a za’atar mix redolent of thyme; an Old Fashioned sweetened with date molasses instead of sugar; and an Espresso Martini with cardamom.

“I’m always thinking about how ingredients will work together in the glass.”